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blair decrane

Is a bi-coastal artist and designer

In both fashion and art, I am an unabashed maximalist who is all about experimentation.


In fashion, I make every morning an excuse to play dress up and to transform into whomever I feel like being that day. My art is also transformative. I am not a typical artist.  My mind does not come up with an idea for a beautiful landscape painting or a sketch for a new design from sitting in a studio staring at a blank page.  I am fueled not only by art but also by my experiences, and I’ve been lucky enough to experience a great deal of the world, doing some amazing things with some amazing people, in only a matter of twenty-some years.  While my fashion work and my artworks are personal, they also provide me apparatuses to reach others by splattering my kaleidoscopic vision across the world. 

This interaction with people from all over the world is the most significant part of my art, as I want my work to be able to be experienced by all- not just fellow art lovers.  My work is an expression-via drawing, painting, and mixed media-of the expressions of others.  What one person sees as beautiful, another might never have considered on a deeper level or may never even get the chance to experience it otherwise. I want to empower people to appreciate the unconventionalities of life, to recognize all the beauty in the world, and to experience each moment more deeply. 

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