Hand-Painted Products

#DESTIGMATIZE is a line of hand-painted items that merges my passions of art, fashion, and supporting mental illness. 

Many celebrities and people with a voice are speaking out about their battles and are helping others feel more comfortable in getting help for their own struggles. However, there is still a stigma against those dealing with mental health and physical health issues, and I want to do my part in helping to get rid of that stigma. #Destigmatize was born as a line of hand painted denim jackets featuring prominent figures who have struggled with mental/physical health (or who are closely linked to people who have) by portraying them in a modern/abstract way. 

These jackets are not a reflection of whether I think depression, eating disorders, suicide, etc. are ok or not (I am happy to discuss my views on each matter personally if asked); they are saying we need to #destigmatize the shame, guilt, and blame we place upon those struggling with their bodies and minds. 

Some of these jackets are ready to ship immediately, and others I have the designs for but haven't yet painted. I am also happy to discuss a custom creation, whether or not it be for the #Destigmatize line. I am flexible in material as well; for example, jackets, other pieces of clothing, canvas paintings. 

Pricing varies depending on material, design, and the amount of customization.

Contact me to order a custom creation.

Current Collection